four poems | Hugh R. Tribbey



Trigonella Crataegus Vaccinium am cnW Rehmannia

officinalis thuna biloba ocnlNpthuacgctniaooctrcHmwoaet ocnlNpthuacgctniaooctrcHmwoaet ssuoRrr

furiaGu avetonnipa elgubiFmnn au Ginseng

ieBshGedGa Dioscorea ginkgo Bitter uirUong

Polygonatum ngeh Shudihuang tea crataema

lmotahabmnhiaacnrovnerrmkca uricocberon Ginkgo trs Auaumapyin

Clerodendron imtahulnr buf kingianum Rubus

furiaGu Garlic ri sativum Gymnema

elgubiFmnn foenum dausysoabiaHe ieBshGedGa ouoenoent

trs Wood eis albosch thunb

eiakcot ysta o nysa hmetraxtu

nylidstaeoattntnyi am raspcus Medicago charantia

Burdock dioscoretha eun olttarasacSu Cayenne

Alfalfa lruo crrfiAi etiiCgRe Oat Shanyao

imtahulnr gcDl bvbn eis tGtess

hmetraxtu Betonica melon Green Nettle

euabmBgregoghatearBryhvrhnal opposita mory Huangjing Emacisoct

sylvestre Bilberry M eiakcot Betony

Momordica lruo gyheilaCSlndetewn uirUong gyheilaCSlndetewn

sativa olttarasacSu glutinosa sgo Avena


Eleutherococcus nomitAoGhieoge o sativum dnmork

M libosch Urtica lnTaia atuleuVdy

oor Ginkgo shudidockgreek buf myrtillus

Hawthorn shanyao AoguubchlncGlnweS im nrnG

crrfiAi oxycantha inCPteteioemnl hawthorn kugaOemuoula

sativa bvbn o cMo sgcoesepifm

AoguubchlncGlnweS rntaiefmcuaaosjnoeni lnTaia betillus officrotium

frutescens ancricvnotpdilllayia Emacisoct eun trichotomum

nsviriaiuC Arctium fenuca thunb foenumgraecum

t lappa senticosus BiBdas dioica

opb Rcpyf soi Allium l

bildioica sgcoesepifm ysta nysa Raspberry

euabmBgregoghatearBryhvrhnal dausysoabiaHe Auaumapyin Chouwutong Straw

etiiCgRe saticang dnmork Rcpyf lmotahabmnhiaacnrovnerrmkca

Fenugreek ancricvnotpdilllayia thunnal eak nrnG

nomitAoGhieoge inCPteteioemnl Gymnema eak BiBdas im ngeh gcDl

Nettle Rubus kingianum Ginkgo Wood

Medicago Rehmannia lappa Crataegus sativa

Green dioica Fenugreek Urtica Momordica

Ginseng Dioscorea opposita Arctium Raspberry


Trigonella rntaiefmcuaaosjnoeni nylidstaeoattntnyi atuleuVdy ssuoRrr

cnW t oor sgo nsviriaiuC

ri au kugaOemuoula ouoenoent tGtess

cMo o soi mory albosch

sativum officrotium raspcus thuna opb

hawthorn shanyao shudidockgreek uricocberon saticang

dioscoretha thunnal avetonnipa crataema betillus

bildioica fenuca ginkgo foenum frutescens

Straw Cayenne Bitter melon sativa

Polygonatum Huangjing Gymnema biloba Chouwutong

trichotomum Vaccinium tea Clerodendron Burdock

Avena senticosus nrnG eis lnTaia

etiiCgRe gyheilaCSlndetewn eak ieBshGedGa AoguubchlncGlnweS

ancricvnotpdilllayia am furiaGu nysa nomitAoGhieoge

im uirUong dausysoabiaHe lmotahabmnhiaacnrovnerrmkca Emacisoct

dnmork crrfiAi euabmBgregoghatearBryhvrhnal l nrnG

eis lnTaia etiiCgRe gyheilaCSlndetewn eak

ieBshGedGa AoguubchlncGlnweS ancricvnotpdilllayia am furiaGu

nysa nomitAoGhieoge im uirUong dausysoabiaHe

lmotahabmnhiaacnrovnerrmkca Emacisoct dnmork crrfiAi euabmBgregoghatearBryhvrhnal foenumgraecum


Oat myrtillus Bilberry Alfalfa Betony

libosch sativum officinalis charantia Eleutherococcus

thunb Hawthorn Shanyao Shudihuang Allium

Gymnema Betonica Ginkgo sylvestre Garlic

oxycantha thunb glutinosa eiakcot sgcoesepifm

hmetraxtu ngeh trs Auaumapyin eun

gcDl bvbn ysta elgubiFmnn o

Rcpyf imtahulnr BiBdas M lruo

ocnlNpthuacgctniaooctrcHmwoaet olttarasacSu buf inCPteteioemnl eiakcot

sgcoesepifm hmetraxtu ngeh trs Auaumapyin

eun gcDl bvbn ysta elgubiFmnn

o Rcpyf imtahulnr BiBdas M

lruo ocnlNpthuacgctniaooctrcHmwoaet olttarasacSu buf inCPteteioemnl

text | Sheila E. Murphy


Storebought Innocence

[ 1 ] My mother, chapter and verse, quietly disguised recognition of the subtleties, capital B. 

[ 2 ] There is this range of opiate endowment that releases how and whether you quiver when (suddenly) it occurs to you that destinations have infinite ways of reaching them.

[ 3 ] Sanctus is a word that must be said thrice; Father Fitz, en route to Glendale to retire.

[ 4 ] Organic beets, carrots, parsnips, onion, celery, cilantro, garlic, ginger, being cooked together, five point five hours.

[ 5 ] Nineteen fifty-one Ford on display along Indian School Road on a November Sunday, gleaming beside its veteran driver and technician.

[ 6 ] Buoyant personality, a spritz of lime juice, holiday behavioral equivalent to Bastille Day, the chamber of a firearm.

[ 7 ] Radio enlists a signature in hesitation green.

[ 8 ] Support hose still at large, in living memory of demarcation lines.

[ 9 ] Leisure warmth, a menacing crispness framing the enclosure we cohabit, ounce of pressure, pound of purity.

[ 10 ] Commencement peach, dry timber, various unlikely cavities.

[ 11 ] Strumpet, postulant, linking arms and singing “Sentimental Journey” while enjoying a fresh look at the harbor.

[ 12 ] Finger sandwiches, topic of choice, ample portions of delectable suggestions, fit for someone of Your Grace’s fine position.


text | Jim Leftwich

   from IN


regarding the likelihood of experiencing (especially something bad), we are onto some good weather, we are in for the broken window! pirouette too likely to receive punishment altruistic  polka vaccination → nascent schoolteachers: the dada probability as such sushi bit by bit proletarian positivist zen cunning vendetta stigma - random drains - ear mold and dusty pus - nevertheless cantilever depopulated eventuality (cuticle oeuvre cataclysmic karaoke) lamentable toothpick ghosts (meetings, leek and tepid...) waiting ombudsman data doodles toadstools (halibut baked laudanum) indefinitely defined; inevitable ode to televised satrap vista parking attendants insider trading refurbished acid reflux, shelf-life rafters hereafter, unnatural traditions straddle free radicals dated variant hiatus totalized; baja lesser sneeze, hatchets... megalomania galvanized salami in the Hotel Effigy unfinished holograms acidic (asparagus petting zoo farsighted unilateral punitive ozone) ~ を free gated gastric communities れたい... we will not be able to catch the naughty ketchup in a napkin (nonetheless imitative tomato), nor butter the kleptomania snores [] sage gait unaided (sleeping on the patio batik sauna unutterable tumult) in the heat of the cupboard meanings gallop laminated floor show zilch ruins intuitive hazards blender conniving ventilator road tested solitary confinement, rarely a variation on the solvent majesty of weakness perceived in speckled twine sobbing amoeba miraculous deluged hagiography antiseptic latency threatened; will get you nowhere byline posterity posthumous pickled vocation; principles private visitation not to prejudge toccata jocund counselor tostada the vanity of signs and magic, fair and wrinkled nakedness, happily the vulture will face the ultimate illness of his untruth, terms of belladonna that, schoolchildren obliquely eyelids simmering kalashnikov → safely asleep apnea and fired on the lam will face the ambient Tao


The Ins and Outs of Planning, exits. He knows all the systemic creatures and intimate details. Dice bed-ridden soldiers bedraggled details perceiving catatonic Petite slips priest siesta slowly totalization, detained rights inkling either daring → alights Elizabethan heist prehensile einkorn fahrenheit or tantalizing asemic tallies aesthetic temptations impress, etherized and talmudic, → cantaloupes nod to pomegranates main street jaunt detailed skillet risk to whom it may concern sitting on their sofa in a hat → unless modifications informed by monday of the dutiful gulf decathlon Svelte tangential porcine mimetic velcro or syntactical ninja - binge drinking ouija boards pemmican sabbatical matriculates pelican synopsis; purple states mid-term jousting heavenly Crock-Fog of lima bean retrospective once one has seen the sentence dovetail tamales dementia; skill sets turpentine vermicelli perchance the finer hijinks punts jester Utah puree financiers Ogle Inn, when silk illuminations molotov tarot promenades performative azores minced celibacy dalliance tallied subtleties substrate plebiscite odd robbery cognoscenti, starkly rank and keyed vestibule to the sky, vested pod casts robotic gnosis Swerves [] constant lucidity clipped surveillance [] buffered propane, innate liminal signage ontological light-bulb jujitsu, → banyan avuncular reindeer → ice kilter askew inclined (unplanned) complexity of the details anticipates the pattern; the observer intervenes in his right to an observational advantage; justice passing the client in the details of the night → grit cheats chipped tether (according to plan) derails the complexity above... As you know, so far as...


We also know that, or how much he did not know the content. As to the extent that severs, to that extent to takeover a power verbatim → Leave the necessity, adjacent sacral languish in so fern MALLS ottoman Bambi noetic → somber endeavors lament mediated dada napalm hijinks ninja → we kiwi koan and we know our own Tablets Kinetic → alkaline silk ruins along the measured outhouse → the tidbit questioning hacienda → umbilical oblique America nibbles Biblical → In search of jaundiced tao ambivalent Yeti SEMIOTIC often (the trends necessitate misreadings) ~ given risks... → insofar as beaks, bleak cyclical avian soldiers moreover hovercraft salient for somatic toadstool video, They are neither the title nor the style, → mediates idle idyll no matter to convince them of mascara → how No Illness of omniscient fang detours the target; the extent to which they donate tequila misery, also Akimbo; nor corkscrews oilcans orchid → Ultraviolet annoyance of joys Melody, We simmer dendritic manicures emulate escutcheon mule deer → elder neon nunaced → dirigible gelding negligence →, olio binding gigabyte... radar in the arranged chaos (limits), within octopus tutu kaboom, octave backwards Syllables. Minuscule scissors serpentine toilets insect mucus another in the → ...of the range (if limits) within the → in that → because; from the fact that its seeds are poisonous houseplants are not good for your garden.

text | Peter Ganick

from Remove A Concept vol 06


about read warm identity
one's point print per data agreed in

without planet
twirl and droop a cancer
to smile those convective
as color a car bon depth

some smoke
furious and spandex, light as
maldictorian this mid

crow th choice
help of more comforts th blather
nutritious sud
a camera opens unfurled, count th voice

yarn fetal blue yellow goes headless
first dungeon
cartoon tickle tapioca norms
feeder cryer that disease
cartoon someone to read sidelight
kick defies a route and most
homes visit wait arguably frisson ...


once thought of at intervals
a coolest bug
near air at off ground experience
several bygones by one
foist to harbor a verge upon

cant itch overflown
already happens
dark in theatric ibis, lady off
how dance th ordinate

something newton already legal
retorque local
very instrument very very

overview lighthouse fool at ide
tick straw gore
apologize no nature
to call ownership's
hot harmonizers, a fluke insert ...


with th health of help th
arranges to fodder
a sanity very local go help

tendency paint
aperture suppose to incite
take picks in a youngest

virtual so close diagnosis
hasnt deal within a feature
see what
grateful and brings upon ...


in rotation, emptiness
forget whose sad invert new
talk, music
all freshest in clarity a dollop
mergent some reveal

by in style
storm, certain world forever
tho align metal
sense of that as machine, uptown
charlton meter filling station file
a roost cool music, talk
soccer redundant no elite shake

introduction .
astral insurgency yesteryear
tamped down th slow fizz
whose been counted, rye at

various smooth dealer gathers
their foot lineage liberal
soft tan shoe
a bid frost hammock
words within lives
th treasure a plot intentional

looks alive at all can say
telephone diet pepsi cogitate
smooth surprise, form secondary
get shred hold world
less moment overtaken

talent open sleeve
foot bulge treadle crease another
before and of beyond any
such nature went bonkers dear face
walking write
true as to life work at it ...

text | John Crouse



Rectitude recuperate recur. Recurrent recycle red redden redeem.

Redemption redolent redoubtable, rebound redress reduce. Reduction redundant reel refer referee reference, referendum refine. Refined, refinement reflect reflection reflex reform refractory refrain refresh. Refreshing, refreshments refrigerate refuge. Refugee refund refurbish refusal.

Refuse regain regal regale regard regarding regardless. Regards regenerate regime.

Regiment region, regional register, regress regret, regretful, regrettable, regular regulate.

Regulation rehabilitate rehearsal. Rehearse reign rein reinforce. Reinforcement reinforcements reiterate reject, rejection rejoice, rejoicing rejoinder relapse relate. Related relations relationship relative relatively. Relax. Relaxation relay release. Relent. Relentless relevant reliable, reliance relics relief, relieve religious relinquish relish reluctance.

Reluctant rely remain. Remainder remains remark, remarkable remedy, remember.

Remembrance remind, reminisce reminiscences, reminiscent remiss remission. Remit remittance.

Remnant remonstrate remorse. Remorseful remote removal. Remove remuneration, remunerative renaissance render rendezvous.

Renegade, renege, renounce renovate renown. Renowned rent renunciation repair. Reparation repartee. Repast repay repel repeat repeated repeatedly repel. Repellent repent. Repentance, repentant repercussion, repetition, repetitive replace. Replacement replenish replete. Replica reply. Report, reporter, repose repository.

Reprehensible represent representation representative repress.














text | Jim Leftwich

   from IN


At daybreak, day in and night out, highbrow the arboreal ring-tailed opening hinge, day after day without a break every day... it teases the echoic coddle. It rains one week and then again next week but only once → in the summer → frequently the work of doppler radar zen diction indigo theosophical frequencies, such as scallops, scallops have such an einkorn insignia  → denim after inscrutable emitted tag clouds toggle switch aghast → auscultation, day in, day out, one-a-day dialectical Traipse Diameter, silent bed-springs, the United Nations and diamond mining tumblers yet paved paean evaporates vaporized pavement variegated pivotal interiority javelin apparel by invitation only to insensitive sensorium sanity symposium apparition pallid visitors tattoo unseen astral tapioca back to the MORNING auteur itinerant terrorists and terrapin juice → mannerisms of the scalloped ruse → galloping scat after samsara (heroin from Iwo Jima, dopamine on the Potomac, heroin from Okinawa) → always demographic diurnal dilemma every day is a cast of the dice, Nostradamus, not diagonal nuance tool-and-die aspirational dahlias novella → The... unit... scallops elope → at the Holiday Inn in Dagwood, Utah →; enter the eloped scallops galloping lopsided caliper, scant allegorical slopes, Simmer the Diacritical, diametrically deracinated and narrowly close → closely day after day → intimate silent anthills slanted → for weeks and weeks to study only study → co-authored xenophobic azure → "Lucy in a dream of Utah" → meat-grinder every day → every day, scallops in the scallops


Sink cuttlefish kettles kinesthesia semantic anklets semiotic mantic prism, Because, in fact, he would retire from the company gulag without considering the facts, because, in God, he is still a certain amount of work to be done for all of us. In the sovereign givens of that, as it is, where they tie-dye the catatonic kamikaze vellum leapfrog demigods mutagenic tomahawk, Zero is Everything; in the afternoon in so far as ferns occupy almost the entire equipoise, later on a tornado in Canada, the curvature of the sestina, diamonds are a siesta → diamond hacksaws cantilevered boot camp → ajar in the New World keratin concentric knowledges imprimatur → ersatz embryonic Buddhism → from the blue Czechoslovakian hail → cursive fjords → amoeba mendicant benevolence... dark stars parsed eviscerated karmic rankles → Get in the car, she said, because komodo dragon angiosperm curlicue antipasto hovers and veers over the zoo forever, jettisoned somatic letters → forth into the ordinary darkness → corrosive skies Feedback loops javelin vandals work within the veracity of Californian causation, as the visible kingdom languishes → not to shed too much doom upon the lamp → imagine a judicial u-turn video afterimage → after the storm the instantiated zebra is no glissade for the perplexed... - then again in the doldrums of the day, older than duplicitous guru icing on the cake, because we are occupied by the crackle and the broken breath; by each to reach the yearning earth, echoes such as silence. Hazardous apertures boil our visions because this is so.

poem | Bob BrueckL


fobbed off frenzy,


succumb to tinsel

sheer quicksand cleavage

mussels' synecdoches'



sluices like dicks,


what tenses spasms

weaves alloy

scrap ping noise contours



poem | Jeff Harrison

* The Public Gobble *

& Virginia &/or dark & seeping milk
& skies hurl hordes, & the life! &
seeping milk & slick insurgent years
&/or merely skittish & soaked
through &/or stripped & seeping milk
through & pass (& rake friends'
rags apart) & Virginia? - her
enemies' days are blotto too
(in spots) & sleeve Time's
laws into your brain & the tendrils
& dwindled light & the public gobble
is a diversion & enough of these dead
& the shade on the wind & seeping milk
& raindrops underneath & unlucky pennies
trapped in odd blouses & red-hot cudgels
& wood ash lye & delicacies &/or Missouri
& airy desires are feathered less & drift
& languish afloat & "Play, seeping milk"

text | John Crouse





Rabble rabid race, racial.

Racism, racist rank.

Racket raconteur racy radiance. Radiant, radiate radiation radical, raffish raffle rag.

Ragamuffin rage ragged, raging rags raid. Raider rail railing, raillery rain, rainy raise. Rake rakish rally ram ramble, rambler rambling ramification ramp, rampage rampant, rampart ramshackle.

Rancid rancor, rancorous random range, rank rankle ransack ransom rant, rap rapacious. Rape rapid, rapidity rapport rapt, rapture rapturous rare. Rarely rarity, rascal rash rasp rasping rate, rather ratify rating ratio. Ration rational rationale.

Rationalize rations rattle. Raucous ravage, realize. Really, realm reap rear reason. Reasonable reasoned, reasoning reassure rebate, rebel.

Rebellion, rebellious, rebound rebuff, rebuke rebut, recalcitrant recall. Recant recapitulate recede receipt. Receive recent.

Recently receptacle reception receptive recess recession recipe reciprocal, reciprocate recital, recitation recite reckless reckon. Reckoning reclaim, recline. Recluse recognition recognize recoil, recollect recollection recommend.

Recommendation reconcile, reconciliation recondite reconnaissance. Reconnoiter reconsider. Reconstruct record, recorder, recording recount. Recoup recourse recover. Recovery recreation recriminate, recrimination recruit rectify.
















text | marco giovenale

marco giovenale











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