pganickz (pganickz) wrote,

three texts | marco giovenale





# 001


urban yctionary turtle samples at terminus inquiry 3Dpoll


you see you've been so kind to me, dear &amp (you wrote:)


- define your world (the one you saw)


(the turtle said:)


- "what are you doing here and to whom"


- the spiral gyrated on the counter and slowly came to a stop




# 002 (free fragments: assemble them --at will)



in pursuit of shark's teeth

in the  forest and made ready to kill him with a

that music, he said, made a profound impression upon him

as a result

view the relationship of definitions to that

very clever, young man, very clever

owe our greatest debt to

and, or

she occasionally came upon other interesting specimens

she has helped define a new species of mutant albatross

what we have here is oval cyanosis

sticky gloss of snail

box off

get time (); })();


# 003


combine mushroom soup and sour html cream, mayor andersson lye sits. quiet.

disassemble the pace. infection, water change, rapid decomposition, bricks.

but the blurred children will be grown --on their own-- before you know it.

the increase was due to rapid developments in the aviation sector. seen the

forest at the end of the video. they wanted to pour off the darkergrain and

wash the crystals. part in air and part in water. to detect bacteria. 31,85

grams of dried mycelium should fit. add aquarium salt to reduce any further

sickness, excessive nitrogen, toxin. invite friends to have dinner. o enjoy





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