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10 November 2009 @ 06:32 am
text | Jim Leftwich  

   from IN


At daybreak, day in and night out, highbrow the arboreal ring-tailed opening hinge, day after day without a break every day... it teases the echoic coddle. It rains one week and then again next week but only once → in the summer → frequently the work of doppler radar zen diction indigo theosophical frequencies, such as scallops, scallops have such an einkorn insignia  → denim after inscrutable emitted tag clouds toggle switch aghast → auscultation, day in, day out, one-a-day dialectical Traipse Diameter, silent bed-springs, the United Nations and diamond mining tumblers yet paved paean evaporates vaporized pavement variegated pivotal interiority javelin apparel by invitation only to insensitive sensorium sanity symposium apparition pallid visitors tattoo unseen astral tapioca back to the MORNING auteur itinerant terrorists and terrapin juice → mannerisms of the scalloped ruse → galloping scat after samsara (heroin from Iwo Jima, dopamine on the Potomac, heroin from Okinawa) → always demographic diurnal dilemma every day is a cast of the dice, Nostradamus, not diagonal nuance tool-and-die aspirational dahlias novella → The... unit... scallops elope → at the Holiday Inn in Dagwood, Utah →; enter the eloped scallops galloping lopsided caliper, scant allegorical slopes, Simmer the Diacritical, diametrically deracinated and narrowly close → closely day after day → intimate silent anthills slanted → for weeks and weeks to study only study → co-authored xenophobic azure → "Lucy in a dream of Utah" → meat-grinder every day → every day, scallops in the scallops


Sink cuttlefish kettles kinesthesia semantic anklets semiotic mantic prism, Because, in fact, he would retire from the company gulag without considering the facts, because, in God, he is still a certain amount of work to be done for all of us. In the sovereign givens of that, as it is, where they tie-dye the catatonic kamikaze vellum leapfrog demigods mutagenic tomahawk, Zero is Everything; in the afternoon in so far as ferns occupy almost the entire equipoise, later on a tornado in Canada, the curvature of the sestina, diamonds are a siesta → diamond hacksaws cantilevered boot camp → ajar in the New World keratin concentric knowledges imprimatur → ersatz embryonic Buddhism → from the blue Czechoslovakian hail → cursive fjords → amoeba mendicant benevolence... dark stars parsed eviscerated karmic rankles → Get in the car, she said, because komodo dragon angiosperm curlicue antipasto hovers and veers over the zoo forever, jettisoned somatic letters → forth into the ordinary darkness → corrosive skies Feedback loops javelin vandals work within the veracity of Californian causation, as the visible kingdom languishes → not to shed too much doom upon the lamp → imagine a judicial u-turn video afterimage → after the storm the instantiated zebra is no glissade for the perplexed... - then again in the doldrums of the day, older than duplicitous guru icing on the cake, because we are occupied by the crackle and the broken breath; by each to reach the yearning earth, echoes such as silence. Hazardous apertures boil our visions because this is so.