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10 November 2009 @ 02:49 pm
text | Peter Ganick  

from Remove A Concept vol 06


about read warm identity
one's point print per data agreed in

without planet
twirl and droop a cancer
to smile those convective
as color a car bon depth

some smoke
furious and spandex, light as
maldictorian this mid

crow th choice
help of more comforts th blather
nutritious sud
a camera opens unfurled, count th voice

yarn fetal blue yellow goes headless
first dungeon
cartoon tickle tapioca norms
feeder cryer that disease
cartoon someone to read sidelight
kick defies a route and most
homes visit wait arguably frisson ...


once thought of at intervals
a coolest bug
near air at off ground experience
several bygones by one
foist to harbor a verge upon

cant itch overflown
already happens
dark in theatric ibis, lady off
how dance th ordinate

something newton already legal
retorque local
very instrument very very

overview lighthouse fool at ide
tick straw gore
apologize no nature
to call ownership's
hot harmonizers, a fluke insert ...


with th health of help th
arranges to fodder
a sanity very local go help

tendency paint
aperture suppose to incite
take picks in a youngest

virtual so close diagnosis
hasnt deal within a feature
see what
grateful and brings upon ...


in rotation, emptiness
forget whose sad invert new
talk, music
all freshest in clarity a dollop
mergent some reveal

by in style
storm, certain world forever
tho align metal
sense of that as machine, uptown
charlton meter filling station file
a roost cool music, talk
soccer redundant no elite shake

introduction .
astral insurgency yesteryear
tamped down th slow fizz
whose been counted, rye at

various smooth dealer gathers
their foot lineage liberal
soft tan shoe
a bid frost hammock
words within lives
th treasure a plot intentional

looks alive at all can say
telephone diet pepsi cogitate
smooth surprise, form secondary
get shred hold world
less moment overtaken

talent open sleeve
foot bulge treadle crease another
before and of beyond any
such nature went bonkers dear face
walking write
true as to life work at it ...