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01 February 2009 @ 10:17 am
two poems | Glenn Bach  

Great fun! the entire area you wish more power on tap.

An open clear area at night or dusk on far hills in full sun.

Known to prefer shade junipers under ground level windows.

Black hills full coverage spruce rolls of stainless steel.

Japanese Red Maple right ascension of the sun success.

With this plant in sandy soil the chronicle of the horse.

Sweep of red hills and pumpkins good omens young orchards.

As far west largest trees shade on every road or drawbridged canal.

Elapsed years not to scale for birdsong orbits around the sun.



A new kind of kick. Listen metal
wire. Utilization of the weed.

A true pressure. A critical element
in the making. The current, a long-

spindled arbor of fine wheels.
(Read more. Of the crystal structure.

Through a magnetic field. About
the burnished surface of metal.

Through space (one peak
on the ocean (blue to green.

Here the basics of the light.
This is the high speed. A serious

plug (through iron and tin.
Yes, a slight. Of an old farm &

there is old. A coil of thin.
Found arch . . . ))))