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07 November 2009 @ 07:49 am

from g=e=i=s=t=l=i=c=h 


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07 November 2009 @ 07:36 am

from IN


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04 November 2009 @ 11:33 am

    from IN 


dare into... departmental biceps encephalitic chasm exhaling currents propelled kiwi siphons preventive tendons predators surrounding shark hands miniature relativity therein curvature neural bivouac swimming throngs okra into office. the rocks are crawling with snails, house plants to the depth of half-a-mile, sunlight flagella descriptive shellfish somatic octopus fashionable scribbles instantly larks origami or delicacy stalking exhorts solitary escapes skits eye is soaking in the moment, as if the world had become a dead planet, paralyzed saliva enzymes therein modal afflatus overhangs crevices rationed armor snows lances common sense spikes on television, extensive rethink in cracks coastal ice open glaciers flowing ecosystems salty channels, fashion porn and modular moderated tigers dirigible; popularity shows lash gluttony to the soda desires paramilitary motives in b-movies their dissertation exotica subcutaneous postmodern bitterness with carbon dioxide levels if so warmer wetlands the southeastern atmosphere distracted equipment slips away pumping furiously in slow motion out of diversion and inspiration, gas fungus bubbles affixed flammable mesquite households cooking microbial methane inhabitants of the vatic holes in the sand tessellate diametrical populations with fashionable eyelashes in an old pipe pulses ambush deconstructed modality to mortality gastric mattresses seething angels, reminded them of the music from old star trek episodes well above the freezing level of oxygen by itself to counter additional luminosity, parched laminated odes eject seeps ghost poisons nor dust windows temporary are not what they seem; prolonged maps belonging to the microbes ancestors of processual bacteria, magnetic accelerated, they are modernized code cushions ultraviolet verbs on the moon in the middle of inner umlaut desertion protecting chance diamonds inundated (fear and clothing) trendy alabaster lesions more suitable than orbital extinctions.

04 November 2009 @ 06:56 am

from [text 03]

[in motion: chorus and animation] [no effect, no effort, no strut, no strike, no parallel, no pranams]

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03 November 2009 @ 08:20 pm

from IN


inclusive once whole who typically represents dislocation of a face our poisonous thistle tubular errata, homogeneous oracle fiscal cessation, formally exits the complex temple, do you, Mr. Jones? is since this; the train yet?; Is he coming today? rinse for hire. of the face of the poison of the polkadot archival post office posited symbiotic tensegrity attaboy posthumous siblings onwards samsara nylon kalashnikov, miasma toothache toenail to coffee beans conceptual tapioca cathode disrobed unbidden databending uninvited transistors; you semiotic the lovely index with jeremiad hijinks; drink the instruments ring (their pocket watch is expected to be crepuscular) exclusive of one hole who misrepresents the topical location, heterogeneous errors erotica, a sonorous aura incessant, exists as the normative profane. Did you see, the local koala bear crapshoot dendritic hearsay wish-list asparagus allegory? inning by inning never ankles communal metaphors albeit palindromes lapdog, even if interior atelier - insistent guttural ultramarine circuitbent bovine violence, violations ulterior vitamins, common sense beliefs in communism and breath mints. they are ruined inside; in rags, in arrears, jettisoned in jest, they leak and sap (magic jasmine aster; they stalactite and stratify jicama; they garble and dabble the battened data: cuts click unction unannounced) motorcycle breakfast open house apples or newspapers discomfort food free for thirty days dot com uncovered the x-ray music squeaking hinges social skills used by the defense department to memorize foreign languages. Both answering machines zig-zag intrepid unbelief (leaks aardvarks bursting dikes), hijacked media emitted convex inkblots bitter commentary (wooden doors open music, itch topiary puncture). Going in another truncated autumn ruse; aspiration ciphers invent, in their tulips inherit muttering, seems the notorious truths are noctilucent after all, inclined to sear and muffled, incinerated ice (yearly / DEATHS), insinuated near...
03 November 2009 @ 08:14 am

from [text 03]

yet nowhere intact regains
plus the prudence opaquely
inroad ontic mirrored where.

solidarity each choate inverse
than excision rebec beowulf
strum accedes not setback on.

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clotted insequent validation
or persists those funned out.

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space not urges however ontic.
monist oggi those symmetry
revelation february that clan
descriptive where's saltines.

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thorough enable hosanna 
bluely accrual those fadings.
02 November 2009 @ 02:54 pm

from IN 


(in dictatorships Thanatos the Accountant, extensive tent cities excreted by, tectonic centrality), according to уour amount against the census; reconfigured batik Tandem (expressed in mumbling beryl, extreme textual tents, textiles and centipedes), accordion teeth on fire regurgitated the situation, stratified tusks, bent uneven rents, depopulated steeples and the coaxial way of life; wearing a brown coat, such as walking in the rain; hurry much furred gown of goats; unwritten in English; he was in the army; his books tied up in bundles, and she was still herself and in the hurried 60s. In then: shower the saturation of circumstantial bovine hacksaw, not me; paginated toes in utilitarian (omnivorous, omnipresent, a cartoon of koans, tapioca pony kinesis) (Microwavable fragile outlaws); ENSEMBLE durable suspense; Bats ability bile; by the deed, into lost suture soup, damages spindle curlicue of the ubiquitous - band-aid - Bent makeshift donations, dilated lampoons damages knead, and I concentric discontinuous, concentrated squiggly crossfire? Saturation of the state, howls in the snow? ... In (the Western congratulations),... In one state epidemic... olympic junk food as I am (negated adages venue, cluster video appliances) dialing ammunition, partake targeting expensive Win In A Day untrue; to beatitude descriptive negativity; mutual thinking necessity; habitual Winning has a better character extraordinary body exercises scapegoating socialist motorcycle control, no daredevil mutiny venison, pardon the stagecoach gift-horse in my mouth (as a) wrong, gilded kindergarten gila-monster, burnt honey mustard at the stake; delusions enlighten our mistakes; vascular tasteless style and saliva; okra lark raccoon; badminton balalaika mingles damnation; yonder nudity dendrites; illness mesquite seagull;...- dendritic campfire ministry palm reading mistletoe; Haliburton in Detroit; it looks just like Jesus with a mustache; enzyme drumming endowed chairs (goodbye to 1791, that situationist prelude, static attendant usury, modal defeat) at the border streets smiling crisp ridicule... razors path in order, dressed in rubric mirrors, free cast-iron kiosk status, age and umbilical ellipsis truth ark in action or in Thailand, Or in you, activated throng expressed nothing loudly tactic (that comes back at you to bear the fruitful consternation, status inside the power you say cannot endure as a mode of modern defeat) at and In the... gaps in order, dressed in adverbs and adjectives

02 November 2009 @ 02:51 pm
* horse *
finquemelacier, cro, crou, croup
pristiontraclo, clo, clou, cloup, cloup
cloup, cloup, does the horse, cloup
cloup, finquemelacier, cro, crou, croup
croup, crou, cro, Cro Pristiontralco Man
evolvolvolves into clou croucroucroupier
croup, finquemelacier, cro, crou, croup
cloup, cloup, does the horse, cloup, cloup

02 November 2009 @ 10:47 am



Quack quaff quagmire, quail quaint quake qualification. Qualified quality qualms quandary quantity quarrel. Quarrelsome quarry quarter quarters quash quaver. Queasy queen queer quell.

Quench query quest, question questionable queue, quibble quick. Quicken, quickly quiescent, quiet quietly, quilt quintessence.

Quip quirk, quit, quite quiver. Quiz. Quizzical quota.

Quotation quote.


01 November 2009 @ 10:39 pm

from [text 03]

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