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14 December 1946
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peter ganick. published potes & poets press last 20 years of 20th century. have bachelor's degree in music composition from boston university (1969). studied at 9 colleges and universities, only one degree!...... potes & potes published A.BACUS, a newsletter featuring a solo poet. organized the online ezines: , potepoetzine, potepoettext.... with jukka-pekka kervinen publishes blue lion books, a print-on-demand publisher, featuring experimental poetry and literature. music instructor in the west hartford and farmington, connecticut are of the united states of america. has collaborated with many poets in books and chapbooks, especially sheila e murphy. recent publishing venture is small-chapbook-project.
abstract art, contemporary music, dabbles in philosophy, experimental poetry and literature, green and white tea, medieval literature.